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Huge list of Infographic Submission sites for 2021


Infographics are a visual image that contains data such as charts and other information. An infographic can reach a large audience as content if it is created correctly and shared with the best infographic submission sites.

Why should you create an infographic?

When a user opens an article/post on your website and there is a lot of important information in the form of content. It will take a long time for him to read it. There are many chances that he will skip to read the entire article and in the end, he will not share your content.

On the other hand, if a user opens your website and finds an infographic that has all the information in the correct way, they’ll start to take an interest in the entire infographic. In the end, if he liked your information, he will definitely share your infographic and you will earn a backlink.

So it is best to create an infographic but not in place of the content as the infographic does not perform well in search engines if your website does not have high-quality backlinks.

What are the benefits of creating an infographic?

Search engines understand the content, not images. So why create infographics? Because if your infographic goes viral, it will help you build a lot of high-quality backlinks. But it will take a long time so it is a time-consuming job.

When you’re done creating an infographic, share it with the following top infographic submission sites. Without sharing your infographic it has no value.

Top 10 infographic submission sites for 2021


DA: 97
Alexa Rank: 14

If you’ve created an awesome infographic, you need to submit it to Reddit. Your infographic will reach over 161,751 readers. In Reddit, each subreddit has its own submission guidelines, so read them first before submitting your infographic.

how to submit infographics on reddit


DA: 92
Alexa Rank: 1,471

Mashable is the most popular tech blog, founded by Pete Cashmore. You can submit social media, technology, current events, and infographics related to entertainment. Click here for the quote.

Mashable Infographic submission

DA: 86
Alexa Rank: 23,294 is the best free infographic submission site. Here you can create, share, and sell your infographic. You can also use its analytics tool to measure the reach of your infographic.

Daily infographic

DA: 66
Alexa Rank: 110,927

Daily Infographic is also one of the most popular infographic submission sites. He presents an infographic every day. You can submit your infographic using their contact page.


DA: 94
Alexa Rank: 183

Slideshare, which is owned by Linkedin, is the largest platform for sharing your creations as presentations, PDFs, and documents. You can submit your infographic to Slideshare by creating an account on it.

Newspaper infographic

DA: 53
Alexa Rank: 304,558

Infographic Journal is a pure infographic submission site. There are three options for submitting your infographic, Basic, Express, and Features.

The basic submission takes a few weeks to upload your infographic if approved. Express submission only takes a day to upload your infographic at a cost of $ 25. In the feature submission, your infographic will be displayed on their homepage for 7 days at a cost of $ 75.


DA: 98
Alexa Rank: 78

Pinterest is the largest platform for submitting images and infographics. He really has a huge following. To submit your infographic, create an account on it then start submitting as many as you want at no cost.

 Fast Company

DA: 92
Alexa Rank: 3,096

Fast company is one of the biggest brands on the web with a big following. There is no specific section for infographic submission. To submit an infographic, contact directly through their email address. Make sure your infographic is really informative and valuable for a successful post.

 Cool infographics

DA: 59
Alexa Rank: 335,185

Cool Infographic is one of the best infographic submission sites. To submit your infographic, you can contact them through their contact us page.

 Infographic archive

DA: 54
Alexa Rank: 508,774

Infographic Archive is a paid infographic submission site. The standard submission fee is $ 19.99. For more promotion of your infographic they charge a few extra dollars, you can see the full list on their submit page.

After submitting your infographic to the above websites, here is the list of other free websites where you can continue your submission.

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Some other Infographic Submission Sites

Sr.No. Website DA Alexa Rank
1 82 56,483
2 70 68 177
3 54 508,774
4 81 597 245
5 45 636,263
6 32 636,607
7 48 668,190
8 45 699.006
9 25 779,787
ten 28 895,241
11 40 928,603
12 38 989,434
13 39 1,044,328
14 42 1116103
15 46 1 337 426
16 37 1,628,622
17 54 1,792,279
18 32 1 911 873
19 37 1 979 375


Submission of infographics is the best way to gain backlinks and increase user engagement. When submitting infographic to the above sites, if you have found a site that is not working, please let us know by commenting.

Also, if you know of any other infographic submission site, please share it with us in the comments, so we can add it to our list.


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