Resume CV Set (5 Colors Option) with Cover Letter and Portfolio

This is a clean and creative resume Cv template designed by the experienced graphic designer. everything is easy and 100% editable in PSD files and Microsoft Word files, A4 and Us letter size. for each color there is a PSD file. as bonus there are business cards (both Sides) in 5 colors to match with your resume theme.

Files Included in the Download Folder.

  1. 25x .PSD Files (5 Colors of resume CV, Cover Letter,Portfolio (15 files) and both sides of business cards (10 files)
  2. 15x .DOCX Files 
  3. 15x .DOC Files ( 5 colors of Resume Cv, Cover letter and portfolio)
  4. 1x .PDF Help File Guide (how to edit the PSD and other files)

Note : Business Cards files are included just for Photoshop, all other files are for Photoshop and Microsoft Word.

Hope you like it, and help’s you to find the best job!
Please read and follow this instruction to be able to edit files, it’s very easy to edit!

Before editing please install these fonts first, if you don’t have them installed, to be able to edit files.
Fonts used, Download Links:-

Roboto text Font –
Montserrat text Font –
Exo text Font–
Photoshop .PSD files Edit

1. How to edit images?

To add your images just double click in Smart object Layer in the Your Image – called “Double
click here to add you image”, then smart object open in a new windows just copy and paste
your image there, and Save (Ctrl+S) and close, *image should cover the whole area (note: image
preferred to be at 500x500px size).

In this way with smart objects you can edit your portfolio images, click on My Portfolio layer group then
My Portfolio 1 – and “Double click to add your image 1”, then smart object open in a new windows
just copy and paste your image there, adjust the size if needed with CTRL+T grab the corners
and make your images bigger or smaller, fill all area, then Save (Ctrl+S) and close.

2. How to edit Text?
To edit Text simply select the text Type Tool, on the tool bar, then click on the text layers you want to
change, or just click in text and change it, your name, contact info, and everything.

3. How to edit the Skill Bars?
To edit the Skill Bars just Select the layer called Filled Area (example: Professional Sills layer group – Skill
1 – Filled Area) then Press Ctrl+T a bounding box will appear, then hold right-middle side corner and
drag (move) left or right to change the width, when you happy press Enter. Done!
Do the same thing with Language Skills Bar.

4. How to change the QR Code?
To be able to change the QR Code first you need to create a you QR Code, you can do this for free in
many online website I used: open this link select what type of QR Code you want to
create (I for example used url type to create my portfolio link) past your portfolio link and click
Download button on right side, select size in the bar to the left from 400 to 300 and click download QR
Code as PNG or JPG format. Done!

Now to add your QR Code image in your Resume, Portfolio, Cover Letter and Business card, just by follow the same steps as we did in the first step how to edit image via smart object. Also in same way with smart object you can edit your signature in Cover Letter.

That’s it you done with Photoshop Files!

Editing MS Word .DOCX and .DOC files.

1. To Edit the Text simply click on the text layers that you need to change, edit them and you done.

2. To Add your Image select the Grey Color Circle for your image, then go to (click on) Drawing Tools >
Format > Shape fill > Picture > Choose your image from PC, Press OK and done! (Note: Image preferred
to be in same width and height size example 300x300px or 500x500px etc… otherwise it can show

3. To edit Skill Bars, simply (click) select Filled Shape and a bounding box will appear then hold right middle side corner and drag (move) left or right to change the width until you happy. Done!

4. To change the QR Code first you need to create your QR Code (Read Step 4. on the Photoshop Edit
how to create the QR Code). After you create you QR Code than Click on the QR Code in the Word
Document and go Picture Tools > Format > Change Picture > Select your QR Code image from PC and
Click OK. You Done!

5. To Add your Images portfolio is same as step 2 select the Grey Color area for your images, then click
on Drawing Tools > Format > Shape fill > Picture > Choose your image form PC, Press OK and done!
(Note: Image for portfolio in word preferred to be in same 1200 px width and 470 px height, or similar in
wide ex 1500x590px etc… otherwise it can show distorted.)

How to Edit MS Word file Resume Template.

That’s it,
enjoy it and good luck in your career.
please go in your account in Downloads and rate this item if you like it.
I’ll be very happy if you do this 🙂

If you have further questions or need to customize please contact us in email:
or on contact from, we will try to help you, and if you want to help us
WhatsApp +923004444800

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