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How to Write an Article that Generates Thousands of Visitors


You’ve probably wondered why certain types of content generate a lot of traffic (attract more visitors to the blog) while others don’t, right?

Let me share with you some interesting information that will lead you to generate more organic traffic from your content marketing efforts, if you want trusted and qualified organic traffic you should follow the tips here we recommended.

Already you should know this:

Research has shown that only 49% of marketers who do content marketing have a content strategy in place.

If we start on the basis that your content is already creating a lot of value, it however needs 3 additional elements to generate organic traffic:

  • It should be optimized for several highly searched keywords
  • It must have a lot of quality backlinks
  • It must always be updated.

There are many who have already managed to grow their organic traffic up to 110% in 14 days by applying these three elements to their content.

  • By creating quality content, you will attract backlinks; which means :
  • More value (provided by your content) will impact
  • No more shares
  • More references obtained
  • More backlinks obtained (Get a huge list of Social Bookmarking sites here)

The Type of Content Value that other Sites like to link.

  • Proprietary data and case studies
  • Detailed resources, lists, and guides
  • Unique perspectives on popular topics or unconventional knowledge


In a study done on the 10 articles that people are referred to the most on the Hubspot site, it was found that:

  • 5 of them contain proprietary data and case studies
  • 3 of them are very detailed articles
  • 2 are unique perspectives or unconventional knowledge

Example 2

The same analysis done on Social Media Examiner showed that

  • 6 of 10 articles contained proprietary data and case studies
  • 2 were detailed resources or guides
  • 2 presented a unique point of view or unconventional knowledge

Writing “ perpetual ” content and keeping it up to date so that it’s always current can increase organic traffic continuously over time.



As a result of this article, you realize that writing content that generates a lot of organic traffic is quite achievable for you.

If you take the trouble to do your research, you’ll find that all successful sites make an effort to have a content plan first, for targeted, high-value content; that they manage to optimize their articles to maintain a sufficient level of highly searched long-tail keywords.

These also apply to producing quality backlinks, and to continue producing content that is always current, which they are constantly updating.

If there’s one thing that I like about this story, it’s that you can do it too. You just need to get started now, and the results will be felt over time. Your organic content will thank you for it!

What other strategies can you suggest to me to create content that generates a lot of traffic? How do you go about attracting free visitors to your blog?

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Logan Aria

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