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How to send Videos and Photos without Losing Quality


Do you have a state-of-the-art mobile that films in 4K and takes stunning photos?. Admittedly, it’s ugly to see that our beautiful pictures are compressed when we share them via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even iMessage to our loved ones.

Goodbye to the 4K of videos and the details of our photos. It’s still sad when you have offered yourself a mobile or a trendy reflex, isn’t it?

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To correct this, I have found you a free, easy, and secure solution to send Videos and Photos without Losing Quality. Best of all, what we are going to see works just as well on a mobile as it does on a desktop computer.

How to send videos and photos without losing quality

Share photos and videos without compression from a mobile or computer

It’s easy :

  1. Open the site (and add it to your favorites!)
  2. Choose files to share
  3. Send by email or via a link what you have to share

You can easily share your videos and photos by email or with a link via WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage or instant messaging of your choice.

This method does not compress files. This is the guarantee to keep the original quality of your videos and photos.

SwissTransfer, the most powerful solution to send Videos and Photos without Losing Quality

There are a lot of alternatives to SwissTransfer ( Smash, WeTransfer, etc.) for sending large files, but none combines as many advantages while remaining 100% free, without registration and without advertising:

  • You can send up to 25 GB of data in 1x. It’s huge!
  • It is possible to secure your shipments with a password in 1 click
  • The service makes it possible to limit the duration of accessibility and the number of downloads authorized
  • Your data is stored in Switzerland by Infomaniak. The company explicitly specifies in its conditions that it undertakes “not to make any derivative or commercial use of the email addresses entrusted to Infomaniak. And to use them for the sole purpose of sharing the download link in accordance with the Customer’s wishes”.

Beyond sharing photos and vacation videos. is therefore also an interesting tool when it comes to sending sensitive or confidential files.

Especially since the service automatically sends you a confirmation by email when your recipients download your files.


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