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How To Make Money By Publishing Book on Amazon Kindle

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The Kindle is a small electronic device that allows you to read books.

For me, it is more pleasant to read than a paper book and I think that in ten years, the majority of people will read on an e-reader.

It is truly a small revolution.

Anyone who owns a Kindle tells me how much they care about their Kindle and how convenient it is (even people who love to read hard copy books).

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  • When you buy a book you have it automatically on your Kindle, no need to wait for delivery.
  • If you lose your Kindle, just set it up and automatically you have access again to all the books you have purchased.
  • In your Kindle, you can put thousands of books, and you can also take notes.

In short, it’s really a revolution.

And precisely, you will be able to take advantage of it because it is possible to sell your own books on the Amazon Kindle store.

With the Kindle, not only will you benefit from this revolution but you will also benefit from the power of Amazon, which is an internet giant.

We talk a lot about Apple but Amazon is also another giant and since the death of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is truly considered THE guru on the internet.

You should know that their online store is only the tip of the iceberg.

Behind them, they are developing a lot of services on the internet, they are also developing peripherals, and they are going to release a tablet that is similar to that of the iPad.

It is truly a company with very big ambitions and it is, of course, the first e-commerce store in the world.

And precisely, you will be able to access their database of millions of customers by publishing your books on the Amazon Kindle.

I’ll show you how I did, how much I earned, how much it earned me in a few months and I’ll give you some little tips to help you too publish your book on the Kindle and earn money with the Amazon Kindle.

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How to create a book with kindle

To create your book on the Kindle, it’s very easy.

Just create a document with Word (you can use other word processors).

A Promised Land by [Barack Obama]

The first page is the cover, it is a cover that I created myself using a little software.

Creating a cover will help you attract more people.

Then I added a summary and I continued directly with my text.

To create this document I just took a little free guide that I had created for my blog.

I fleshed it out a bit and got someone to help me with the layout as well.

It didn’t cost me too much  (100 euros for the layout) and it allowed me to quickly publish a book on the Amazon Kindle.

You should know that to publish on the Amazon Kindle, it’s very, very simple.

You just have to open an account, upload your document, and very quickly you have your book which is available on the internet.

How to Choose Title of The Book

I called my book on Amazon “How To Start A Blog That Pays“.

At the time I discovered a technique from an American marketer who advised me to create a book on the Kindle with a keyword searched on Google.

By searching for this keyword on Google, people will find the page of your book on Amazon and thus you will allow you to use the power of the Amazon website to position themselves on this term in Google results and gradually gain visitors with Google.

The keyword “How to start a blog” is searched about 6000 times per month so it is on this keyword that I decided to choose the title of my book in Kindle format.

Then you have to choose a title that is  :

  • catchy,
  • which  translates a benefit,
  • possibly with a  part of mystery  to arouse curiosity,

There are of course other techniques to make more money with your Kindle book, which are much more powerful, which I will reveal to you in a future article, but in the meantime, I will show you the results that I have found. got in a few months.

Your book visible to millions of Internet users in a few clicks

To publish your book, it’s very easy.

You log into your account on the “KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing” platform at and you will be able to send your document; once it’s approved in the next few hours, you can start making sales.

How did I actually put it on sale?

First, I created an article called:

“How to Start a Blog that Pays on Amazon Kindle”.

I just:

  • announced the publication of my book,
  • put links to the Amazon store page, and
  • made a little video.

You can see that I haven’t set up an orchestrated launch to promote my Kindle.

And yet, with just a catchy headlinecover, and a simple promotional post on one of my blogs, I still managed to attract nearly 400 buyers after just a few months of posting.

Earning Summary of my book

The first month, I made 206 sales, then it went down and in five months I am at  384 sales.

It is very important to specify:

The most important thing is not just the money you earn directly from your Kindle, there are other techniques that will help maximize the profitability of the sales you make on Amazon.

But, at first, the sales of my book brought me a total of almost 400 euros.

It is not very important but we see that it works: we manage to make sales.

Tips for a successful e-book

You know all about promoting an e-book, but do you know the tricks to attract readers?

Concretely, even if you set up the best advertising campaigns, you will not reach your objectives if your book is not of interest.

Thus, you have to select a promising subject, on which you are comfortable and which can interest a maximum of people.

The choice of title is a determining element. It’s the first thing your future buyers will read.

Also, since your book is sold on the Internet, you should know that it will be easier to find if it answers questions that people have on Google.

For example, if you want to write around the theme of works and crafts, design a title like

“How to renovate your house alone?”

Very easy to understand and close to the searches that Internet users frequently do on Google.

If you don’t want to rely on the help of search engines to market yourself, you can dare a more mysterious title and bet on the curiosity of others.

Finally, we readily admit that a title translating a benefit, such as:

“How to better endure the heatwave?”


“Overcome depression in a natural way”

will necessarily engage more people.

Writing an e-book to publish on Amazon is within everyone’s reach. There is no need to invest money to cover editing costs, and registration for the “Publish on Kindle” program is completely free. So nothing prevents you from trying.

How to promote your Kindle book?

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Publishing a book on Amazon Kindle is a first step: to increase sales and therefore profits, it is essential to make it known.

With this in mind, do not hesitate to announce the release of your writing everywhere around you: on social networks, of course, but also to your relatives and even at work.

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth: if we begin to discover that you have published something, the most curious is bound to want to know more.

The ideal way to sell as many e-books as possible is to set up a major communication campaign on the web. If you have a blog, you should definitely write articles related to your book – don’t forget to link to the page to buy it on Amazon.

The role of influencers is also decisive: if you manage to contact them, offer them to read your work, with a view to obtaining a post on their own website.

Video support is also great for promoting an e-book. If you already have a YouTube channel that brings together a larger or smaller community, register, talk about your story, and never forget the hyperlink to your book’s product sheet, to increase sales again.

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