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Happy New Year Messages and Greeting Cards

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Here are some beautiful designs of Happy New Year Messages and Greeting Cards to Wishes to your friends and family.

2020 the year of the end of the crisis?  What if we dared to take risks, to believe in the impossible, to challenge fate? May the new year be favorable to all your attempts which allow us to overcome all challenges and to transcend ourselves. But even better than the previous one. May 2021 be for you the year of all the successes and all the joys. Happy New Year!

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2021 will be a year apart, made up of 365 days of happiness. There are so many opportunities to enjoy life,
to transmit good vibes, and to enjoy your loved ones.happy-new-year-main-article-1

On the program a lot of joy, luck, success, and health.
The serenity option is offered by the house: you will be entitled to a 365 day of happiness

Holy and Happy New Year!
We send you stars of Peace, Solidarity, Truth and Love so that they illuminate your life throughout the year 2021.

For a change, I wanted to be ahead of everyone else,
so I send you my best wishes moments, before the transition to the New Year.
In a short time, you will enter a year of happiness and sharing,a new cycle will start for you.
It is in any case the lesser evil that you deserve.

Happy New Year 2021 greetings

May the spirit of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year.


May this New Year bring you success,
health and prosperity you deserve.
May the difficulties of this new year be spared you, may happiness be in your hearts and those of your loved ones.
In short, we wish you a very happy new year 2021! Happy-New-Year-2020_feature happy-New-Year-Wishes happy-new-year-wishes-2019 happy-new-year-wishes-face happy-new-year-wishes-for-everyone-with-name New-Year-Wishes-for-Friends Happy New Year message

happy new year image 2021 happy-new-year-2021-change-background-image_798088 Happy-new-year-2021-Graphics-580x386 -32453245 happy-new-year-2021-wishes-card-gif_greetings

happy new year blue background

Happy New Year !”

Nothing is ultimately more difficult than placing these two words at the start of the year to present your wishes. Too short, the message will be interpreted as expeditious or little affected. Too long or in the emphasis, it will be accused of heaviness and lack of sincerity. Wishing a happy new year 2021 will be all the more important after this complicated year that has just passed. We will have to turn the page on the torments that have plagued many of us over the past twelve months. Sending wishes with authenticity, emotion or humor, when many families will be separated, will take on a relief that is rarely observed.

A simple message to wish a happy new year

Even in the most classic Happy New Year messages, it is difficult to find the right tone for each person, without falling into the overly conventional or conversely into an excess of dynamism that could ring false. By SMS, where it is necessary to be brief and direct, it is advisable to respect the tradition of the vows, without falling into the excess of sobriety which could translate to certain boredom. A good example: “Happy New Year 2021! I offer you all my best wishes, I hope you will be able to flourish in all areas of life, in your professional and family projects”.

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