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Secret Tip : Getting Amazon Product reviews without having stock


Today, I wanted to share with you a secret tip for getting comments and reviews without having stock. Here is a little intro and I will explain everything to you right after!

The subject of this article is to teach you how to have reviews, seller or product comments – both work with this strategy, even before you have your products in stock.

What is the secret?

The principle is simple, and I used it when I myself was a seller on Amazon.  The one I’m going to share with you, nobody gave it to me, it’s just logic and common sense when we understand Amazon’s logic. If you have launched, or are going to launch, your product, you are solely responsible for its failure or success.

Product reviews without having stock

I think you like real-life cases, so I’m going to illustrate this strategy with an example product and our central seller. We will take this product: a snow globe. It is a heavy and fragile product, which I would not necessarily recommend for beginners. But, personally, I appreciate this kind of product because, precisely, the competition is less fierce and less aggressive. So you order this product from your supplier, say on Alibaba and, given the weight, I recommend you to go by ship, see by train. Because, more and more, the train is democratized from China to Europe and even to Western Europe.

We will say that it takes 30 days for Amazon to receive your packages and put them in stock. The question is: what do you do during these 30 days? Personally, I am starting to have comments on my Amazon listing. How do I do? It’s simple! But, to see that, we have to go behind my screen!

Selection of Product.

I haven’t found the exact same product like mine, but I think this example comes very close. Mine is a little prettier but it will still do the trick. We agree that, if it was your own product, you should not be added to this listing, but create your own. I hope we agree on this point! I will now add a product to my central seller and, for that. I will come and copy the ASIN of this source product that I want to sell. I go to my central seller, in the stock, I “add a product”, here I paste the ASIN and we see that they find it.

Here I have an applicable listing limitation, I’m going to click on “Sell Yours” and you see the app limitation has gone. So I really invite you to click on it and not to be afraid of the limitations because, just by clicking, it sometimes unblocks the situation! So don’t be scared, don’t tell yourself that your central seller can’t sell this kind of product. Just do the manipulation, give it a go and, at worst, it works or not!

For your price, we will say that it is 20 €, it’s AMAZON SKU: “deer snowball”. For the state, you select “new state” and there, we will put it rather at 40 € suddenly, so as not to have the lowest price on my example and not to make sales. Then I will do “Amazon ships and take care of customer service” and then I will save.

Our product is therefore now on our central seller, we are indeed out of stock because, inevitably, Amazon has not yet received the goods. We will only have stock when Amazon has received our merchandise, which our supplier has sent directly to Amazon’s warehouses. I’m not telling you how to do an expedition to the central seller, Greg has already made a great video and I’ll let you go watch it. It sits just above!

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For our strategy, I advise you to first ship your stock to Amazon warehouses in FBA, then go back to the listing and change it to FBM. For that, it’s very simple: you just have to go to the right of your product. You click here and you click “Change to“ shipped by Amazon ”. Obviously there, I transformed into FBM because I made the expedition. But, if I click on “Change to ‘Fulfilled by Amazon'”, it switches back to FBA.

We are, therefore, at this time, with a shipment by the seller, in “Fulfill by Merchant” or FBM. In FBM, it is you who deliver your Amazon customer, either with a postal service such as colissimo, registered letter, or Chronopost. Maybe even with your bike,if you take your package and deliver it manually to the letterbox of your customer who does not live very far from where you live or if you deliver it directly to them, it also works perfectly!

So in our strategy, we have transformed our product sheet into FBM and we are going to add a stock of one unit. To do this, we go to the central seller in “available stock”. I am currently at 0, I put 1, and I record. Now, my product is active, that is to say, that my product can be purchased, but only there is only one unit in stock. All you have to do is ask a friend or your reviewer to order this product and, inevitably, with a unit in stock, when he places the order, the stock will switch back to 0.

Warning, you must add a unit in stock just before your contact purchases your product. If it tells you that it is not available right away, then do not add that unit to inventory. Otherwise, you take the risk that another customer will buy your product!

It’s a normal purchasing process: you will receive an order from your friend, which you will have to ship. To do this, then simply go to your order manager, in the orders sent by the seller, and click on the shipping confirmation for your order. Of course, you are not actually going to ship this package because you have no actual stock. That is to say that you will act as if it were true, but your contact will not necessarily receive a package.

This is why it should above all be done with friends because reviewers will, most of the time, ask for a product in exchange for their review. On the other hand, if you ask your boyfriend, your colleague or other, to do this service, he will, of course, do it without worry.

After X days he is supposed to have received this product. This is where I advise you not to ask before leaving a comment to your friend, but to wait a few days for the package to be received and for the “customer” to have time to see if everything was ok, as in real life, as in a real order.

For people who will tell me that it is mandatory to put a tracking number, I will answer them that, no, it is not necessarily mandatory to add a tracking number in an FBM shipment. Why? Quite simply because, in real life, we can send products without tracking, that is to say without a tracking number. So if you don’t have one, you can’t grab it!

With this technique, you will have the “Verified Reviews” badges. Do it with ten friends and you will have ten comments on your Amazon listing before you even have stock in the Amazon warehouses. Again, do not add ten units in stock if you want to have ten comments with this strategy.

Do this as your friends become available. In addition to having a comment, if you are a little smart, you will ask your friend to search on Amazon for your product with certain keywords that you will analyze, which will impact your positioning and your BSR even before having your product. in stock!

Again, with reviews, a good BSR, and the Prime badge because you’re doing FBA, your launch can only be successful from the first few days Amazon receives your merchandise. Because there are comments, there have been keyword searches with purchases followed by these searches, therefore, Amazon necessarily already has data, data on your file and on your Amazon listing. So, as soon as you have stock in FBA, Amazon will highlight your listing and your launch will be more than simplified!

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Victoria Grace

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