How to Make Money With a Website

In this article, I answer a question that I receive several times a week: how to make money or create passive income with a website?

In a few seconds, you will have a clear vision of the main strategies that allow you to generate income onlineI have been following this trend for over 15 years and I personally know several people who live exclusively or partially from their income online.

Towards the end, I will also give you additional resources to go further and my opinion on the many online training courses on the subject.

How to Make Money With a Website

Summary of the article:

  • 1. Advertise
  • 2. Sell online
    • 2.1 Create an online store
    • 2.2 Create information products
    • 2.3 Offer services or coaching
  • 3. Find a job through its site
  • 4. My advice
  • 5. To go further
  • 6. The floor is yours

1. Advertise

1.1 Google AdSense

Displaying AdSense ads on its site is quick and easy, but it will barely pay you a few coffees a month while annoying your visitors.

It is no coincidence that news sites are leaving this model one after another despite the enormous traffic they enjoy. Also, keep in mind that a site’s traffic largely depends on search engine algorithms, and regular quality content is needed to maintain and grow it.

It is possible to obtain better results with more selective advertising networks than AdSense.

1.2 YouTube

To enable monetization of a YouTube channel, it must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views on the videos it contains in the last 12 months.

Sorry to maybe bust a myth, but the number of people who live off YouTube ad revenue is extremely low. The benefits and risks are exactly the same as with AdSense, and you’ll need to rack up several thousand views to start earning a few dollars.

Like AdSense or any advertising platform, your advertising revenue will also depend on the theme of your content. If you speak for example of provident or real estate, your audience will for example be likely to interest insurance companies and banks which will be ready to raise the bids of their keywords to gain new customers from your content. Conversely, if you are talking about Minecraft, your audience will tend to be younger and less fortunate, which will interest fewer companies.

1.3 Create sponsored content

As soon as y our site starts to rank well on certain keywords in search engines, you will start to be contacted by brands.

Their goal is simple: communicate their new products and disseminate their brand to your audience by taking advantage of the privileged relationship of trust that you have with your visitors.

Depending on your site traffic and the relevance of your audience, brands are willing to spend over $ 1,000 for an article or video that will deal exclusively with a product or event that strongly promotes the brand.

When negotiating the price of sponsored content, always keep in mind that for the brand it is a long-term investment while for you it is a one-time income, unless you combine that with membership. The content you produce will stay online for a long time, and in several months, it will continue to attract new potential consumers if they rank well in the search engines.

Finally, I advise you to remain transparent with your fans, objective in your assessments, and to continue to create useful content for your visitors. Otherwise, you risk losing your credibility with your audience.

1.4 Recommend products (affiliation)

The principle of affiliation is simple and can easily be combined with sponsored content: you talk about a product by placing a few links that lead to the order page of the latter and you will receive a commission on sales from your site.

Depending on the commission rate negotiated with the brand and the traffic of your site, the affiliation can generate a substantial income over time. Once your content is published and ranked well in search engines, it will help people compare products and make a choice while they are on sale.

Membership is therefore a good passive income if you enjoy testing and recommending products, and have a good understanding of the needs and fears of consumers in a given market.

2. Sell online

2.1 Create an online store

If you have the soul of an artist, the Internet now offers you the opportunity to exhibit your creativity around the world and to sell your creations easily. I’m not saying it will be easy, but with skillful use of social media, digital advertising, and with a little persistence you should gradually gain visibility and get sales.

For people who are less creative and more interested in the economics of an online business, it is even possible to select existing products, promote them and sell them at an attractive margin without worrying about the costs. logistical aspects. This is called drop shipping.

Whichever approach you choose, you will need an online store or e-commerce site to showcase and sell your products. Many tools now allow you to do this very easily and at a lower cost: Shopify, WooCommerce with WordPress, and finally PrestaShop, to name only the most famous solutions.

2.2 Create information products

Selling information products is one of the most profitable strategies for making money on the Internet. The majority of professional bloggers and YouTubers base their online business on this pillar.

The principle of this approach is easy to understand. You need to identify a painful and important problem that people are willing to pay for a solution that you have an interest in and basic skills. Then you just need to regularly create quality content that answers important questions for this audience who will gradually perceive you as an expert on this topic. From that moment, you can offer training or support to help your audience achieve a specific result in relation to the initial problem that you will have in the meantime refined thanks to the feedback from your visitors.

If you like to add value and pass on your skills and knowledge, then creating information products should grab your attention. I am not telling you that the path will be easy and immediate, but if you are a persevering person, that you are sincerely passionate about your theme, and that you like to learn, you have everything you need to succeed. To get started, you only need to know how to write and have web hosting compatible with WordPress. Thanks to this tool, today it is child’s play to create a site without touching a single line of code.

2.3 Offer services or coaching

If you create relevant content (podcasts, videos, articles, infographics, etc.) that addresses a painful and important problem that people are willing to pay for to find a solution, you will automatically attract people to your site that you perceive as an expert. From this point on, some people will contact you to go further with you and you will have the choice of …

  • Coach people individually
  • Carry out mandates for clients
  • Create trainings for questions that come up often

Whether you want to create information products or offer services or coaching, the starting strategy is always the same: create high-value content that addresses the concerns of your audience (that’s exactly what I’m doing here. moment with this article!). Everything else is secondary at first (the theme of your site, the perfect domain name, social networks, etc.).

3. Find a job through its site

I have personally found my job through this website, and I know several people who have experienced the same happiness!

Imagine for a moment: if you regularly create quality content on a topic that you are sincerely passionate about, isn’t there a huge chance that one day your future employer or associate will come across your site while doing a search? on Google?

All you have to do is create content that answers important questions in the industry you are targeting. The more specific and qualitative you are, the more your chances of attracting people with whom you will like to work will increase.

A site validates skills, expertise, your perseverance, your passion for a theme, and above all it shows that you know how to convince and carry out a project independently! I can guarantee you that a successful site is the best calling card you can have in a business plan or your CV.

4. My advice

Create a site! It is an exciting adventure that can only enrich you and open doors for you! If you don’t know what to talk about, here are some ideas:

  • Enrich your professional knowledge and share what you learn in an educational and fun way on a blog in relation to the problems or challenges that you encounter on a daily basis.
  • Share what you know about your main passion. For example, if you love photography, you know a lot of things that a lot of people would love to learn (how to choose your camera, what is shutter speed, how to take beautiful backlit photos, etc. ).

Whatever your reason for wanting to make money with a website, keep in mind that …

  • People do not easily open their wallets. They must see you as an opportunity and what you are doing must be of value to them.
  • Easy and quick success is very rare. It takes several months to become visible on the Internet knowing how to go about it. If you are just starting out, you will need to find your tone, your audience and refine the theme in which you want to fully invest. If you don’t know why you are making a site or that money is your only motivation, you won’t last!
  • If you are just starting out, be concerned only with how much value you can bring to people in relation to their needs, problems, or suffering.

And finally :

  • Persevere! You can create content for 12 months without attracting anybody. Watch what works, test new approaches, work on your article and video titles, and keep creating great content on a regular basis!
  • Set up a newsletter early on your site to keep in touch with people who discover you from search engines or social media. To motivate people to join your subscriber list, offer them exclusive content. It’s a great way to create your first product and test it risk-free while rewarding your early fans!
  • Combine different approaches to generate income when the time comes. It is quite possible to simultaneously create content, affiliate, coach, advertise, and sell your creations! The most important thing is that it is coherent, that it is fun, and that it brings value to your audience.

5. To go further

If you’re still here, you really want it! Well done !! Here are some people who make a living from their site that you can follow and observe:

You will quickly notice that these bloggers and YouTubers all offer more or less expensive training to make a living from his blog and his information products, with the exception of Laurent who offers training in the field of photography.

Before taking out your credit card for online training, I recommend that you check the following:

  • Does the seller offer a money-back guarantee? If so, is it conditional? This information usually appears near the end of a sales page and/or in the terms and conditions.
  • Has he himself achieved the results he promises you? Do not be fooled by appearances: today it is easy to rent luxury cars or luxury apartments. Seek out real-life testimonials and observe client results and how they evolve after taking the training you covet.
  • How long has the trainer been in this market? Observe the date of his first articles on his site or his first videos on YouTube.
  • Have you ever put into practice what you know or have observed? There is no point in eating new information if you haven’t applied any other training yet or what you already know!
  • Are you determined to take the time to complete and apply the training?

Keep in mind that what makes the difference between theory and success is practice, training and persistence! When these influencers sell their training, they are first and foremost salespeople and they will not hesitate to ask you questions that will force you to visualize the life that you could “easily” have thanks to the Internet and of course their training.

The reality is that good training involves hours of work to get the results it promises and the trainer will not do the job for you! So you have to be determined and know why you are doing this. Otherwise, you won’t complete the training and feel silly to ask for a refund. This is also why more and more trainers are demanding to see what you have implemented to obtain a refund in case of dissatisfaction.

And to conclude, here are two essential books in this field:

6. The floor is yours

Tell me in the comments …

  • what you will learn from this article,
  • what you would like me to explore,
  • what you are going to do to make money on the internet.

Thank you for reading me to the end. Share this article if you think it can be of value to other people.

which computer to choose for your studies

In this article, I go over all the questions I asked myself when I had to buy a computer for my university studies. Whatever your computer skills and your budget, I share with you everything you absolutely need to know to intelligently choose your computer to support you during your studies.

Before continuing, let us specify that this article is not sponsored and that the recommendations which appear there were freely chosen.

which computer to choose for your studies

Who am I to advise you on the choice of your computer?

I am the author of the site and I gave computer lessons during all my compulsory and university studies. During my studies, I had the opportunity to test a lot of computers and note-taking techniques, so I have a good idea of ​​what it is essential to take into account when choosing a suitable computer for intensive note-taking.😉

Mac, PC, iPad, Chromebook?

In the audiences, we see three types of computers:

  1. Laptops with Windows (Surface, Surface Book, Surface Pro, Thinkpad, Matebook, etc.)
  2. Laptops with macOS (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro)
  3. For tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab) and Google Chromebooks

For your choice, keep in mind that:

  • Tablets are less ergonomic than a real laptop and you risk being quickly limited when you have to use certain software like R or Stata. Anyway, I don’t recommend going on this or a Google Chromebook. You will be limited too quickly.
  • You can do the same things with a Mac as a PC with Windows. If you are hesitant between these two operating systems, choose what you find most comfortable to use. Nowadays, you have to know how to use both.

What should you watch out for?

Here are the elements that I really advise you to take into account when choosing the computer that will accompany you during your studies:

  • Real battery life: choose a computer that will last at least 8 hours, because you may not always have a socket next to you during your lessons.
  • The weight: you’ll be carrying your computer around every day, so think about your back and your comfort. I advise you to choose a computer that weighs between 800g and 2kg at most.
  • Keyboard comfort: you’ll be typing a lot for several years, so choose a keyboard that you find enjoyable and that feels solid.
  • Screen size and quality: think about your eyes and choose a computer that features a bright screen with good contrast. Also check that the text on the screen is crisp, not too large or too small and that the visibility of the screen does not vary too much depending on the angle from which you are viewing it. If so, the screen is of poor quality. For the size of the screen, I advise you to take a 13 inches. A 15 inch will increase the weight of your computer to around 2kg and having tested both sizes during my studies, this does not add much.
  • The processor: simply checks that the computer has an Intel brand processor on board. Favor the i5 and i7 models and avoid the entry-level i3. For this point, you just have to look at the technical sheet of the computer you want.
  • Memory: 8 GB is a minimum, I recommend 16 GB. Again, this information can be found on the technical sheet of the computer you want.
  • Storage space: 256 GB is the minimum, I recommend 512 GB if you do photography or have a lot of data (music, video, etc.).

Finally, try to stay in well-known brands like Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, DELL, and at the limit Huawei, Asus, and Acer if your budget is tighter.

Good plans to save money

Universities often have partnerships that allow them to offer very advantageous conditions to students. For the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and EPFL in Switzerland, there are for example the Neptun and Poseidon projects which are particularly interesting. So check with your school to find out if such a program exists.

You will also be able to make substantial savings if you do not buy your computer in supermarkets. Prices are generally more interesting on sites like,, or even However, this does not prevent you from going to see and test the computer that interests you in a store. .

Finally, beware of promotions … because they are used in most cases to sell outdated computers that are equipped with old processors. In IT, cheap is often very expensive, because it has to be replaced quickly (too slow, unstable, poor quality, etc.).

My recommendations: the MacBook Pro or the Surface Book

If your budget allows it, I would definitely recommend you opt for a 13- inch MacBook ProThis computer fulfills all the criteria you need and it’s no coincidence that this is what you see the most in universities.

If you are allergic to Apple and your budget allows it, I definitely recommend you choose a Surface Book or Surface Laptop from Microsoft. It is the equivalent of Apple in terms of quality in the world of Windows.

If your budget is more limited, here are some good options:

To conclude, I advise you to always read a test of the specific model that you will remember before proceeding to the checkout. This will allow you to checkpoints that are not obvious to grasp when reading the technical sheet of a computer. such as the actual autonomy, the quality of the screen, or the comfort of typing the keyboard.